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Advisors: Dr. Taddele Ad damu
Copyright: Jun-1994
Date Added: 6-Nov-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: This study is an attempt to investigate to what extent the teaching and learning of vocabulary by an awareness-raising approach would be considered feasible and acceptable to teachers in high schools. For this investigation, thus, materials representing an approach of a different nature to that currently practised in high schools were collected from different sources. The subjects were made to study these materials for three to five days. To determine their attitudes towards the materials at an initial stage and how acceptable or feasible the activities might be, a questionnaire was issued to all the subjects and interviews were conducted with some. Reactions to the materials at this stage were based on past experience, teaching habits, traditional expectations, etc. Following this, the researcher arranged practice teaching sessions in which the use of the tasks was demonstrated in typical high school classes while the subjects observed. The same questionnaire was administered again and every subject was made to express his feelings about the approach. Reactions at this stage were based, on the one hand, on reflections on the materials in stage 7 and any modification of attitudes that might have taken place at this stage and, on the other, on the reaction to observations of the materials and the approach used in the classroom. The emphasis was to find out the degree to which teachers can modify their attitudes initially through exposure to materials representing a diiiterent ap proach and through observations of such materials being taught. Therefore, a comparison was made between teachers' ••• ~ •• w ••• •• O'-.~ •• . .,.-- . initial reactions to the first questionnaire and their attitudes as expressed during discussions and in the same questionnaire administered pos t-teaching. The result of the findings shows that teachers could modify their attitudes in a fairly short period of time. The teachers also reported that an awareness-raising approach to vocabulary learning would be acceptable and feasible in high school situation. But they had no much confidence about the value of such an approach in facilitating learners' learnings of new lexical items. On the bases of these findings, it is concluded that it is possible to introduce an awareness-raising approach to vocabulary learning in new textbooks for high school classes. Finally, recommendations are made
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3626
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