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Advisors: Wudu Tafete
Copyright: Jun-2011
Date Added: 1-Nov-2012
Abstract: The history of China’s relations with African countries has been explored extensively by scholars. However, most of the existing works on China’s relations with African countries were done with the preoccupation that China was or is engaging in Africa with a policy that can be applied to all African states. This preoccupation neglected the unique features of China’s relations with individual African states. This thesis mainly deals with the evolution of Ethio-China relations beginning from 1952 up to recent time. The unique characteristics of Ethio-China relations in different historical periods, the international factors that have influenced the evolution of Ethio-China relations and the core interests of China and Ethiopia in their engagement are the major content of this thesis. Different sources including archives, unfiled documents, oral informants, news papers, and secondary sources as well as online web site sources were used in order to cover as much as possible the history of Ethio-China relations. Special efforts were made to cover the specific statistics on different aspects of Ethio-China relations in different periods of time. Some of the challenges such as trade balance, cultural difference and language barrier in current Ethio-China relations were also analyzed based on written sources as well as interviews with those people who have direct knowledge and experience of theses things.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3591
Appears in:Hydrogeology

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