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Authors: Mohammed, Abdi
Advisors: Dr.-Ing. Adil Zekaria
Keywords: Modal Pushover Analysis (MPA)
higher mode effect
ductile moment resisting RC frame
Conventional Pushover Analysis (CPA)
Response Spectrum Analysis (RSA)
Seismic Performance Evaluation
Copyright: Mar-2012
Date Added: 21-Sep-2012
Abstract: After revealing the deficiencies of Conventional Pushover Analysis (CPA) method for structures with significant higher modes, Modal Pushover Analysis (MPA) procedures is proposed to overcome this limitation. This study primarily evaluates the effectiveness of MPA compared to conventional pushover analysis in predicting structural response of low and medium rise reinforced concrete buildings, designed as fully ductile moment resisting frame based on the Ethiopian building code. In addition, the values from MPA are compared to that of the Response Spectrum Analysis (RSA) method for better understanding of the methods. For the analysis of the buildings the analytical nonlinear modeling of structural elements are considered which includes failure modes in flexure and shear by the software SAP2000. The results obtained from MPA are compared to CPA and RSA methods. It is shown that higher results of the story shear, story displacement and inter-story drift ratio can be predicted by the MPA than CPA method. The RSA method generally underestimates the story displacement and inter-story drift ratio as compared to MPA.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3572
Appears in:Thesis - Civil Engineering

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