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Authors: Ermiyas Sisay, Ermiyas
Advisors: Prof.Dr.Eyassu Woldesenbet
Keywords: Polymer composites
natural fibers
fiber reinforced polymer composites
Copyright: Dec-2011
Date Added: 15-Aug-2012
Abstract: Lack of resources and increasing environmental pollution has resulted in great interest of research in materials that are friendly to our health and environment. Polymer composites produced from natural fibers is currently one of the most promising areas in polymer industry. Keeping in view the various advantages of natural fibers, in current series of green composites a study on natural fiber reinforced polymer composites has been made. This paper presents the results of an experimental series designed to assess the possibility of local “Enset” fiber as reinforcing material for non-load bearing partition wall. First , optimized epoxy resin was reinforced with employing “Enset” fiber of different forms such as traditional woven mat, and long woven fiber form of reinforcement. Second, the new non-load bearing partition wall was designed and manufactured using hand lay-up and vacuum bagging techniques. Then, experiment was conducted on the new proposed composite material. Experimental results of; three point bending test, compressive test and impact test is demonstrated and discussed in this thesis. The experimental results focused on the mechanical properties such as the bending strength, compressive strength and impact resistance of epoxy resin reinforced with “Enset” fiber. These results suggest that local “Enset” fiber can be potential candidates for use in natural fiber reinforced polymer composites for non-load bearing partition wall.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3560
Appears in:Thesis - Mechanical Engineering

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