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Title: Studies on Commercially available Enset (Ensete ventricosum(Welw.), Cheesman) food Products ( Kocho and Bulla) for Major, Minor and Trace Elements
Authors: Minaleshewa, Atlabachew
Advisors: Prof. B. S. Chandravanishi
Keywords: Kocho
Copyright: 2007
Date Added: 12-Dec-2007
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Kocho and Bulla are starchy foods obtained from fermenting edible part of the leaf sheath and corm of enset plant (Ensete ventricosum (Welw.), Cheesman). In the present study the level of selected metals (Na, Mg, Mn, Ni, Pb, K, Ca, Fe, Zn, Cu, Co, Cr, Cd) in Kocho and Bulla sampled from different supermarkets of Woliso (Oromiya region) and Welkite (SNNPRG) of Ethiopia were analyzed. Known weight of oven dried Kocho and Bulla samples were digested by wet digestion using 2 mL of HNO3 and 2 mL of HCLO4 for 2 h at variable temperature (120 - 270 oC). The contents of the minerals in the digests were analysed using flame atomic absorption spectrometer. The following concentration ranges (μg/g) were recorded in Kocho and Bulla, respectively: K (2753 – 4380) and (708 – 875); Na (462 – 688) and (402 – 442); Ca (498 - 584) and (385 - 446) ; Mg (180 - 290) and (58.4 - 89.5); Fe (92.5 -135) and (36.5 - 59.8); Zn (31 - 32.08) and (22 - 44.3); Cu (3.4 – 4.3) and (2.01 - 3.53); Mn (8.58 -10.13) and (1.0 - 4.98); Ni (≤ 5.61) and (<4.0]; Cr (5.96 - 6.42) and (≤ 5.38); Co (5.5 - 6.1) and (5.0 - 5.01). Where as Cd and Pb were not detected in both types of food stuffs. The concentration of K was highest followed by Ca, Na and Mg in both food stuffs. From trace elements analysed, Zn was found to be highest next to Fe. Generally Kocho contained higher concentration compared to Bulla for the majority of the mineral nutrients identified. In general, Kocho and Bulla are rich in Ca and Zn compared to other similar food stuffs and contains comparable concentration of Cu, Fe and Mn. Beside Kocho and Bulla are free of heavy metal (Cd and Pb) contaminations compared to others.
Description: Graduate Project (Chem. 774) Submitted To Department of Chemistry In Partial fulfillment of requirements for the Degree of master of Science in Chemistry
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/355
Appears in:Thesis - Chemistry

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