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Title: Statistical Modeling and Simulation of Small Scale Fast Fading Wireless Channel
Authors: Berhane, Tekle
Advisors: Dr.-Ing Hailu Ayele
Keywords: statistical modeling
small scale fading channel
fast fading channel
performance of fading channel
Copyright: Jun-2011
Date Added: 3-Aug-2012
Abstract: Communication system performance is eventually determined by the medium through which the message signal passes. Wireless channels differ from wired channels, e.g., due to their unreliable behavior. Communication over wireless channel becomes very difficult due to the randomness of the wireless channel. Though it is so difficult to analyse, it puts fundamental limitation on the communication performance. Performance Measurement of wireless fading channel is done by mathematical modeling and simulation of the parameters of the channel. Since the channel is random, statistical modeling is preferred to evaluate using the 1st and 2nd order statistics of the channel transfer function. The sum of sinusoid (SOS) model and the impulse response model work for a terminal moving with a constant speed. But real world communication terminals may be at rest, in motion with constant speed, varying speed both in magnitude and direction. So, the model which represents all states of motion and comparison of this model with pre-existing SOS model is to be presented in this thesis. After the mathematical modeling is made, the performance of fast fading and frequency selective fading channel are to be measured. The main parameters used to measure the small scale fading channel are fading probability, fading rate (level crossing rate), fading duration and BER. The effect of the multipath parameters (number of path, delay spread and power delay profile) on the BER of the frequency selective channel are presented. Besides to this, the effects of the speed of the mobile terminal and the bit period on the fading rate, fading duration and the BER of the fast fading channel is presented. Finally, for large values of the multipath parameters, channel performance is low and for constant bit period if the speed of mobile terminal is large, channel variation is large so that BER, fading rate and fading duration of fast fading channel increases.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3543
Appears in:Thesis - Computer Engineering

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