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Title: Green Frame Work in Gondar Town
Authors: Tewodros, Ferede Habtie
Advisors: Prof. Dr. Beate Birkigt-Quentin
Keywords: Urbun design and Development
Copyright: Jun-2011
Date Added: 25-Jul-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Global warming could result in a rise in sea levels, changes in patterns of precipitation, more variable weather, and many other consequences. These changes threaten our health, agriculture, water resources, forests, wildlife. Environmental effect from human pressure and land use has become a major problem worldwide but the effects are felt more in the developing countries than in the developed countries because of the high population growth rate and the associated rapid depletion of natural resources. The Evergreen scrub vegetation type appeared to be expanding with increasing human influence signifying a decrease in biomass of vegetation as a result of collecting wood for fuel and other domestic uses. Deforestation and land Degradation in Ethiopia, however, are impairing the capacity of forests and the land to contribute to food security and to provide other benefits such as fuel wood and fodder. Ethiopians are facing rapid deforestation and degradation of land resources. Population increases have resulted in extensive forest clearing for agricultural use, overgrazing, and exploitation of existing forests for fuel wood, fodder, and construction materials. Forest areas have been reduced from 40 percent a century ago to an estimated less than 3 percent today. The current rate of deforestation is estimated at 160,000 to 200,000 hectares (ha) per year, and fertile topsoil is lost at an estimated rate of one billion cubic meters per year (FAO 1981; UNEP 1983; Constable 1985; Kuru 1990; Yirdaw 1996), resulting in massive environmental degradation and constituting a serious threat to sustainable forest. Environmental sustainability should not be seen as an add-on but should be included in the design and the delivery of each project. One of the key messages of environmental sustainability is to encourage green frame. This study is conducted to green frame work for Gondar town. The basic method used is the observation and analysis of the natural and green space of the area for their potentials and constraint for green structure and to give a design solution.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3476
Appears in:Thesis - Urban Design & Development

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