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Title: Service Delivery and Customers Satisfaction A comparative Study of Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority and private providers
Authors: Taye, Wakgari
Advisors: Dr. Paulos Chanie
Copyright: Oct-2010
Date Added: 17-Jun-2012
Abstract: The city of A.A has serious problems in the provision of sewerage service delivery .The AAWSA is authorized to give services in the area to the city residents. The Addis Ababa city administration has also made private providers to take part in delivering the service. As to comparing service delivery quality between the two, very few probably one i.e World Bank in 2008 has made a comparison of the two. Comparing service delivery and customers’ satisfaction levels in the two organizations is reasonable to identify the problems. Therefore; the main objective of this study is to examine challenges of service delivery in AAWSA and private providers. Comparison of service deliveries in both organizations are made using organizational and motivational factors which were identified as indicators of quality services delivery. Descriptive survey method was used to carry out the study. Questionnaire, interview and observation were tools used to gather data from sample population of the two organizations by employing appropriate sampling techniques. The collected data were organized, summarized and comparative analysis of the two sector service deliveries were made. From the analysis the following findings were drawn. The public provider (AAWSA) is better at giving trainings to its staff, guidance and support than the private providers. Service standards were established in both organization. There is better communication between the staff and the management in the private sewage providing organizations. Staff in the private providers are better empowered in decision making. Undesired work procedures were avoided and prompt services are given in the private providers. There is established accountability system in the private sewerage service providing organizations more than in AAWSA. Staff in the private sewerage service providing organizations are more benefited based on their performance evaluation results than staff in AAWSA. The private providers have made available equipment and material facilities needed to give services more than AAWSA does. AAWSA performed better at establishing complaint handling system and collecting comments from customers. In general, even though, the public provider (AAWSA) has been good at performing in some indicators, in the over all assessment, the private sewerage service providing organizations have better performances in the majority of the factors identified to assess service deliveries of the two sector providers. So customers of private providers are better satisfied with the services given by the private sewerage service providing organizations.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3196
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