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Title: A Study of the Civil Service Reform in Adama City Administration: Regional State of Oromia- Ethiopia
Authors: Yosef, Taye
Advisors: Tegegne Teka (Ph D)
Copyright: Mar-2011
Date Added: 17-Jun-2012
Abstract: This study attempts to explain the civil service reform in the delivery of public services which is implemented in Adama city administration. It aims at assessing whether the reform achieved the intended objectives about efficiency and effectives in the delivery of services, to render better quality services and be accountable for its failure, to produce committed citizens, and to bring attitudinal change towards public service delivery. To this end, the study starts by explaining the overall move for reform globally and then narrows its scope. It also deals with assessing the factors that led to the achievement or failure of the process in Adama city administration. The study presents data collected from the field using a qualitative and quantitative approach. The instruments used to gather the data are questionnaires, interviews, observation and documents. However, the data collected draws a complex picture. It indicates that some reform measures are successful while others unsuccessful. For instance, the number of clients served has increased to some extent, time of queuing for services is reduced or services rendered per hour has increased and decentralized delivery of services at Kebele level. On the other hand, capacity building and behavioral change towards serving clients in fair manner are not observed. The study reveals factors that impeded the achievement of the reform process like limited resources, poor communication of the reform objective, small amount of remuneration, and lack of local ownership of reform. As a general assessment, the reform has achieved its objectives to some extent in the delivery of services and the study concludes with suggestions of what the future reformers should strive to do for successful reforms.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3187
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