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Advisors: Akalu Getaneh (PhD.)
Copyright: Jul-2003
Date Added: 17-May-2012
Abstract: Tä'amm¶rä Maryam is a corpus of narratives about the miracles performed by Virgin Mary. Although it is popular among the laity of the Ethiopian Tewahido Orthodox Church, after being introduced in the mid of the 15th century, it has not been investigated from the point of view of modern Narrative Theory. Aimed at analyzing the narrative time of the Tä'amm¶rä Maryam that contains the collection of recent miracles, this study discusses some features of the text. Setting, significance of miracles and the categories are among the features of the text considered . The analysis of narrative time: order, duration and frequency, is mainly based on the relevant theory by Gerard Genette and Shlomith Rimmon-kenan. The analysis of order showed that there a chorological presentation of events. The examination of the duration of events in the narratives indicated that scenic representation is in the form of prayer and prescriptive utterance. Acceleration is found in the episodes that orients the story and in the group of miracles about the prophecies of Virgin Mary. Pause in the story is prevalent only to exalt St. Mary while ellipsis is not in the stories. Singulative telling is common in the stories while repetitive narration is absent in a story but there are nine events that are recurrent in the corpus of stories Tä'amm¶rä Maryam. As a whole the analysis of narrative time indicates that each miracle is structured from a perspective to create a single effect on the mass that hears /reads/ it. This effect is persuading to honor and believe in the intercessory role of Virgin Mary-as owed by Her Son, Christ.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3087
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