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Title: Small Scale Irrigation Users Peasant Horticulture in Dugda Bora And Adami Tulu Jido Kombolcha Woredas East Shewa Zone: Challenges and Opportunities
Advisors: Bekure Woldesamait(PhD)
Keywords: Small-scale irrigation (SSI),
Copyright: Jul-2004
Date Added: 16-May-2012
Abstract: The economy of Ethiopia depends heavily on rain fed agriculture. The sector is anticipated to hold up the whole economy and change it structure. However, the country is highly affected by drought and millions of people left without sustenance every year. As an option small-scale irrigation schemes come in to view. Such irrigations were developed to increase productivity. In this aspect horticultural crop farming has got importance and practiced under irrigation system. Dugda Bora and Adami Tulu Jido kombolcha of East Shewa Zone are important woredas in this aspect. The woredas are accessible to the central market, endowed with rich physical land resources and climatic conditions. There are several small irritation development sunder which horticultural production is practiced in the woreda. However, small-scale irrigation peasant horticulture development is stagnant. This paper attempts to analyze the under lying problems of horticultural producers and suggests solutions. Thus to understand the SSI users horticultural production and marketing constraints primary data were collected using survey, group discussions, observation and documents were consulted for secondary data. The quantitative data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Accordingly, SSI user farmers have rich experience in crop production, high average family size; high average land holding (3.2ha), few years of formal schooling (four). Family labor is a principal labor force for production and (hired seasonal and permane) labor is also common. In this aspect woman have a lot of activities in crop production and marketing. Improved horticultural inputs are utilized by slightly than more two third of the farmers. The application rate of fertilizer is a bit less than recommended rates while that of seed and agrochemicals have tendency of higher rate. Agricultural Input supplies, extension and credit services were found inadequate. Frequent motor pump failures, siltations, shrinking up of Lake Zway, River Meki running out of water more early than before found to be irrigation water constraints. The farmers marketing capacity was limited by low production and productivity, advance payment, poor market information system. Horticultural production and marketing activities has demonstrated a tendency of changing the subsistence farming in to commercial farming and created some job opportunity and form two third of the average monetary income of the SSI user farmers. There are some opportunities for the farmers to be mentioned. Most of the farms 56(62%) are within 3km distance from a highway, the soil and suitable climatic conditions and rural infrastructure (cooperative union) is available and the schemes are at the accessible distance to several growing tows in the central Ethiopian. xi Development actors in the area in general and in the small-scale irrigation development in particular, better see for enhancing sustainability of irrigation development, ensuring input availability, upgrading farmers’ technical and managerial skills. On the other hand,, rural infrastructure development has to be considered. Such as credit and micro finance institution, rural road, cooperative development and seeking for possibility of establishing simple processing agro industries. As well, searching for mechanisms of diversification of horticultural crop production in order to strengthen horticulture as local export economic base, a means of hard currency earning and food security maintenance has to be considered.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3078
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