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Title: Bringing Children’s Rights to the Centre of Public Policy: ‘Promoting Policy Advocacy and Partnership for the Children’s Wellbeing in the Multiethnic Region, SNNP’
Authors: Mebratu, Dugda
Advisors: Mulugeta Abebe (PhD.)
Copyright: Feb-2011
Date Added: 13-May-2012
Abstract: Absttractt Generall ttreattiies on chiilldren`s riightts came iintto viiew onlly afftter tthe carnage and attrociittiies off tthe 1930s and 1940s.. Over tthe pastt decades,, however ffiittffull,, measurablle progress has been made iin an effffortt tto creatte an iintternattiionall rulles-based systtem tto prottectt human riightts.. The Etthiiopiian governmentt has allso shown iintterestt iin tthiis endeavor by adopttiing diifffferentt polliiciies and conventtiion on tthe riightts off chiilldren.. Despiitte some nottablle progresses,, yett,, chiilld ffundamenttall riightts have remaiined a majjor challllenge iin Etthiiopiia and SNNP regiion.. Legiisllattiive//polliiciies iinttroduced over tthe pastt years have nott made siigniiffiicantt diifffference tto tthe lliives off tthe chiilldren.. Faiillure off tthe governmentt tto demonsttratte iitts commiittmentt and sensiittiiviitty tto tthe concerns off chiilldren,, gaps and lliimiittattiions iin tthe iinfformattiion shariing,, draffttiing and iimpllementtattiion off prochiilldren’s llegiisllattiives//polliicy fframeworks and tthe new ciiviill sociietty llaw have recogniized as majjor ffacttors ffor tthe probllems ffaciing chiilldren iin tthe regiion.. Thereffore,, effffecttiive advocacy and collllaborattiive engagementt ffor tthe desiign,, iimpllementtattiion and moniittoriing off pro-chiilldren polliiciies//llegiisllattiives have soughtt tto reverse tthe prevallence off tthe probllems ffaciing chiilldren and iimprove tthe condiittiions and enhance ttheiir wellllbeiing iin tthe regiion.. In order ffor achiieviing tthese resulltts,, tthe researcher used purposiive samplliing iin iidenttiiffyiing and sellecttiing appropriiatte organiizattiions and respondentts ffor tthe sttudy.. Niinetteen organiizattiions,, tthatt iis niine regiionall governmentt bureaus and offffiices and tten nongovernmentt organiizattiions (7 llocall and 3 iintternattiionall nongovernmentt organiizattiions) were conttactted; rellevantt iinfformattiion//datta was collllectted tthrough Questtiionnaiire and key Infformantt Intterviiew; datta tthemattiicalllly organiized and anallyzed qualliittattiivelly and quanttiittattiivelly based upon llogiicall and descriipttiive anallysiis.. Moreover,, iitt was allso possiiblle tto iintterviiew ffour viicttiim chiilldren (ttwo boys and ttwo giirlls) iidenttiiffiied wiitth tthe hellp off polliice offffiicer iin charge off chiilldren`s affffaiirs iin tthe regiionall polliice departtmentt..
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3053
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