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Title: Design and Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Intelligent System- based Algorithm for Multiple DNA Sequence Alignment
Authors: Addisu, Galassa
Advisors: Kumudha Raimond (Dr.)
Keywords: Multiple DNA sequence alignment
Tabu Search and FPGA based TS
Genetic Algorithm
Hybrid system
Copyright: Oct-2011
Date Added: 11-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: In this thesis work, a method to align multiple DNA sequences is designed. The proposed design is an intelligent system based hybrid algorithm of two optimization algorithms: Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Tabu Search (TS). GA phase is used to find new region of solution while TS explores regions of solution not explored by GA. The designed hybrid system is implemented using MATLAB. The TS part of the system is adapted so as to be processed by AccelDSP Synthesis tool and implemented in VHDL (Very high speed integrated circuits Hardware Description Language). The designed system is evaluated using benchmark methods CLUSTALW and MAFFT (Multiple sequences Alignment using Fast Fourier Transform). The system performs less than both the benchmarks. It performs less with percentage of matches differing at most by 8.6 from CLUSTALW for 8 sequences. It also performs less with percentage of matches differing at most by 4.25 from MAFFT for 16 sequences.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3023
Appears in:Thesis - Computer Engineering

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