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Advisors: Dr. Shifferaw Taye
Keywords: Civil engineering
Copyright: Jul-2009
Date Added: 11-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Being in the mist of the computer era, it’s hard even to imagine the challenges faced in the structural world when such software did not exist. In this ‘time is money’ world reducing the time for analysis and design of a certain structure from months to seconds is a miraculous achievement. This thesis is believed to make us even more appreciative of the technological era we’re in witnessing the evolution of structural software. Although extremely useful in tackling routine and tiresome analysis activities in engineering, software by no means shall be taken as replacement for engineers. The basic engineering inputs of formulating models and applying engineering concepts and judgment at every step of the whole analysis and design process remain largely of the engineer’s task. In contrary to the overgrowing ‘software worship’ practice in our country, engineers are to check software result validity. Engineers should also spend enough time in exploring features of engineering software with proper assistance from their respective manuals. Instead of wrong software adaptation habit of one engineering firm from another, the software features have to be thoroughly investigated so as to prefer one software over another for a specific task. The other important issue which needs to be addressed regarding engineering software practice is the widespread use of pirated software products. The result reliability of pirated versions is put to the test by running four different types of structural models on a licensed SAP2000 V-12 and a pirated SAP2000 V-12 version. The results obtained showed small percentage differences which might suggest good “crack” quality for this particular package used. But this by no means shall justify the use of pirated products for a number of reasons to be discussed in this thesis. The above implementations are set to narrow the gap and building trust between the seemingly rival so called “academic engineers” and “practicing engineers” by providing tangible functionalities and limitations of the structural software and evaluating the questionable validity of using pirated products.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2981
Appears in:Thesis - Civil Engineering

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