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Title: Food Quality Regulation in Ethiopia
Authors: Tesfa, Tolla
Advisors: Solomon Abay (PHD. Candidate)
Copyright: Jan-2010
Date Added: 11-May-2012
Abstract: ABSTRACT Ensuring an acceptable level of food quality and safety is necessary to provide adequate protection for consumers and to enhance economic development through the facilitation of fair practice in food trade. These objectives can be achieved by implementing and monitoring quality assurance measures along the entire food chain from production through to consumption. Everyone involved in food quality assurance system from farmer to the consumer is expected to shares in the responsibilities of ensuring the supply of good quality and safe food to the domestic consumers and foreign markets. In this regard, the study tries to point out the legal and institutional problems related with domestically produced, exported and imported foods in Ethiopia. In addition techniques and instruments employed as well the means used to enforce the food quality regulation to assure the supply of safe and of good quality food has also been the subject of this study. Accordingly the study demonstrates that although food establishments, in Ethiopia, are rapidly increasing and their role in the economy of the country is also considerable, food quality regulatory system, however, is not keep pace with the contemporary food quality and safety assurance system. The Outdated and fragmented food related laws and inadequate Coordination among government regulatory bodies involved in the activities brought about practical problems in assuring the quality and safety of food supplied to domestic consumers and foreign markets. At the end, the thesis tries to recommend that the laws should be updated and made comprehensive in a way it match international standards and the institution that coordinate the activities of all stakeholders need to be established so as to rectify the existing problems.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2959
Appears in:Thesis - Law

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