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Authors: Esayas, Tajebe
Advisors: Prof. Baye Yimam
Keywords: their Syntactic Projections inside DPs
Nominal Functional Categories
Nominal Syntactic features
Copyright: Jun-2003
Date Added: 10-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The study is devoted to nominal functional categories in Tigrinya within the theory of the minimalist program. It centers on identifying the status and syntactic projections of the constituents in the internal structure of noun phrases in Tigrinya, and tries to give a unified account which links the following properties of Tigriny nominal phrases. • Most determiner phrases of Tigrinya have two synonymous forms. These forms can be determined by an overt or covert features of the functional heads checked by head noun. • Definiteness which is marked by a deictic or Agrs morpheme and not by a lexical article, acts like a syntactic feature on a par with the Φ-feature, whereas indefiniteness in is not marked at all. • Certain determiners with overt Φ-features are strong and occur in different syntactic positions in the extended functional projection. • Possessive forms are derived from an overt genitive case assigner or from head spec agreement in Tigrinya. Under the framework of Chomsky’s, (1995) Minimalist Program, and Kayne, (1994) Linear Constraint Axiom (LCA) a unifying account is given by assuming three functional head vi projections. The functional heads have independent projections where different features are checked and licensed. Thus, Do of DP for the definiteness feature of the head noun is licensed, Ko of KP is a position for the dummy genitive case assigner, and Agro is the position where Φ- feature of the head or of the possessor is checked. Finally, the proposed structure of Tigrinya nominal functional categories that includes lexical and functional projections is: [DP Do [AgrsP Agrso [KP Ko [AgrGenP AgrGeno [DemP Demo [NP No ]]]]
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2929
Appears in:Thesis - Linguistics

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