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Advisors: Alice K. Johnson Butterfield, PhD (Prof)
Keywords: social works
Copyright: Jul-2007
Date Added: 10-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: There are various interrelated and diverse factors that motive or push children to migrate from their place of origin to the cities. This research explores the causes that push or motivate children for out-migration from Edja district, Dessena Kebele to different cities in Ethiopia. Eighteen (18) individuals were selected to participate in the research as respondents from the community using single criterion: sending at least one child to the cities. In-depth interview and field observation were used to collect data from the respondents of the study. As the finding of the study indicated the major causes of child out-migration to the cities are related with the economy of the district. But there are other factors, like the positive perception of the community respondents about life in the cities, large family size, poor health and educational services that push or motivate children to migrate to the cities. The implication of this study for social work practice is that social worker may intervene in raising the awareness of the community about the negative effects of child out-migration, the importance of education for children’s future career development and the benefit of having small family size. Besides, it could be suggested that since child out-migration is one of the livelihood strategies of the community it could be difficult to minimize child out-migration. Thus, teaching the children as well as the community how to overcome the problems the children my encounter in the cities, is important. Generally, economic poverty of the community is one of the major causes for child out-migration to the cities from the study area.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2898
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