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Title: Mobile Agents for MultiLevel Transaction of Distributed Multimedia Database
Authors: Betiglu, Mengistu
Advisors: Prof. Sayed Nouh
Keywords: Composition
Copyright: Oct-2008
Date Added: 9-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: In today’s information transfer, multimedia is playing a major role and it has vast and rigorous issues that can be studied. Its nature is widely varied and the objects are characterized in various ways requiring a fully developed multimedia database management system to support the current diverse applications. Most of the operations in multimedia application are data intensive; hence it is advantageous to make use of distributed applications in this regard. Also having a distributed multimedia database is indispensable for the motto “Multimedia Anywhere, Anytime”. A multimedia database management system needs to address complex design issues such as: composition and decomposition of multimedia objects; operations of multimedia objects with media synchronization; security; consistency, atomicity, and concurrent access in a distributed environment; and long transactions and multi-level/nested transactions. To accomplish this level of interaction, an efficient information, communication, and cooperation environment is crucial. In this thesis work, we present mobile agent-based architecture for managing distributed multimedia databases’ multi-level transactions. The case study considers decomposition and composition transactions in media objects uploading and downloading request of a multimedia database. The transactions are studied in three layers: index, data and presentation with the use of concurrent executions of agents in an agent platform middleware. The middleware is designed to run on every node of the distributed system outfitted with standard relational database management system for the binary large objects storage of the multimedia. The performance of the system/architecture is then tested and analyzed for a prototype over distributed computers in the Intranet of the faculty for efficient information distribution and retrieval. Its performance is then compared with a sample legacy application build from the ordinary remote procedure call execution of the multi-level transactions to meet the temporal quality of service requirement of media objects uploading and downloading.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2839
Appears in:Thesis - Computer Engineering

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