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Title: Evaluation of different systems of CD4+ T-cell percentage determinations by using standard flow cytometry for pediatric HIV management
Authors: Bethelehem, Newayeselassie Mitikou
Advisors: Dr. Aster Tsegaye and Prof. Beyene Petros
Keywords: Back-calculation, Bland-Altman, CD4 count, Dual-platform, Double tube,
Single tube
Single platform
pediatric HIV
Copyright: Jul-2009
Date Added: 9-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Antiretroviral monitoring relay on %CD4+ T-cell values particularly in pediatrics. The double tube FACSCount system currently in use does not give %CD4+ T-cell value. A single tube FACSCount system that gives %CD4+ T-cell value has been introduced which requires evaluation. These two different systems were evaluated for %CD4+ T-cell measurement by using standard flow cytometery for pediatric HIV management. Blood specimens were collected using K3EDTA tube from Addis Ababa and its surroundings. Back-calculated %CD4+ T-cells obtained from the double tube FACSCount was compared with %CD4+ T- cells obtained directly from dual platform FACSCalibur TritestTM system in 221 HIV infected children (less than 14 years). Furthermore, %CD4+ T-cell determination by the newly introduced single tube single platform FACSCount was compared with that of single platform FACSCalibur TruCOUNTTM system in 184 HIV infected subjects (from 1.2 to 66 years). Correlation between the back-calculated %CD4+ T-cells values and %CD4+ T-cell from the dual platform FACSCalibur TritestTM was good (r = 0.960, p<0.0001). The Bland- Altman bias plot analysis was +1.6% (with limit of agreement –2.3% to 4.2%; percent similarity 102.2% and coefficient of variation 7.8%). Percentage CD4+ T-cells obtained from the single tube single platform FACSCount has also shown a strong correlation (r = 0.983, p<0.0001) with the single platform FACSCalibur TruCOUNTTM %CD4+ T-cell values. The bias was +1.7% (with limit of agreement –5.2% to +1.5%; percent similarity 96.5% and coefficient of variation 5.7). In conclusion, correlation between the back-calculated %CD4+ T-cell against the %CD4+ T-cells from dual platform FACSCalibur TriTESTTM and correlation between the new single tube single platform FACSCount system %CD4+ T-cell against that from single platform FACSCalibur TruCOUNT TM system was strong. Thus, on the basis of strong agreement between the two systems %CD4+ T-cell determination HIV infection in pediatric patients can be monitored by either system.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2829
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