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Title: Legitimacy of sub national constitutions in the Ethiopian federation: the case of Amhara regional government constitution
Authors: Yohanes, Yitayih
Advisors: Wondwossen Demissie
Copyright: Dec-2010
Date Added: 6-May-2012
Abstract: Abstract In Ethiopia, sub national constitutions are almost forgotten. But the experiment of the federation is futile with out their proper consideration. All sub national governments have their own respective constitutions. How ever, having a document is clearly different from the tendency of constitutionalism. Constitutionalism on the other hand requires a good constitution. A good constitution is the one that suited a given national or sub national government. A good constitution is good for the people concerned. It is the property of the people so that they feel bound by it and promise to protect it. A good constitution has to be a legitimate document. This study aimed at assessing the legitimacy of the constitution of the regional government of Amhara, which constitutes one of the sub national units in the Ethiopian federation. Accordingly, the first chapter talks about the introduction and states the problem to be studied briefly. The second chapter describes some theoretical backgrounds that surround constitution, its making, contents, the federal structure, sub national constitutions, and the context we have in Ethiopia. The final and the main chapter hold the assessments and judgments of legitimacy of the Amhara regional government constitution. The assessment focuses on the theoretical frameworks of legitimacy that are the final basis for the perception by the people. Accordingly, this chapter examines the constitution by virtue of some principles: legality, substance, consent, contract, acceptance, and the making process. Finally, the study gave a general conclusion that is based on the aggregate judgments of each principle and managed to offer some possible recommendations.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2716
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