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Authors: Destaye, Gobena
Advisors: Mekuriya Argaw (Ph.D.)
Copyright: Jun-2009
Date Added: 6-May-2012
Abstract: Abstract Flood is a natural phenomenon that will remain a major hazard as long as people live and work in flood prone areas. It occurs when the volume of water in a river or stream exceeds the capacity of the channel. It also takes place along lake when higher than normal water levels inundate low-lying areas. The present study was carried out to identify and delineate flood hazard and risk zones in the study area. In order to do this, it was found important to understand the catchment characteristics, and hence flood hazard assessment was done to the whole Lake Boyo catchment area. An integrated Remote Sensing and GIS approach was found to be very helpful to delineate flood hazard and risk zones in the study area. Factors that were found to be significant in triggering flood hazard in the study area in decreasing order of importance were: drainage, elevation, geomorphology, land use land cover, rainfall and slop. These factors were weighted in hierarchical order using the MCE approach to produce flood hazard map of the catchment. From the flood hazard map, the areas of flood hazard levels were calculated. Since all the areas of the very high and more than 90% of high flood hazard levels are found in Shashogo Woreda, flood risk analysis was done for the Woreda using the two elements at risk, viz., land use and population density of the Woreda. Major findings of the study revealed that, PAs in the down stream part of the catchment: Doesha, Mololicho, Shemo, Biramora, Musagesa, Urbecha and Kemetcho Borara PAs were subjected to very high flood hazard and risk and the different land uses in these areas are within high to very high flood hazard and flood risk level.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2700
Appears in:Thesis - Geotechniques

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