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Title: Education in Pastoral Areas: Compatibility, Challenges and Policy Responses: The Case of Awash-Fentalle woreda, Afar Regional State
Authors: Tsehaye, Zeray
Advisors: Yohannes G/Michael (Dr.)
Keywords: Pastoral Areas
Awash-Fentalle woreda
Copyright: May-2010
Date Added: 6-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Awash-Fentalle woreda, one of the pastoral and agro-pastoral areas in Afar regional state, is located in zone 3 and bordered by Amhara region in north western, Oromiya in west and south eastern and Amibara worwda in north eastern and east parte. The woreda has six administrative kebeles, with total population of about 48,750 (27,123 male and 21,627 female). Of this total population, it is estimated that 17403 is school aged and only 5478 (30%) is enrolled both in the formal and informal schools. furthermore, the share of Afar origin students is limited in 12% of the total enrolled ratio. The researcher had initiated to investigate the low educational enrollment, participation and continuity of the pastoral and agro pastoral children. The main intention of the study was to investigate the compatibility, challenges and policy responses of the educational practices in the pastoral and agropastoral areas of the woreda. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were employed in analyzing and describing the primary and secondary data collected from different sources. The overall findings of the study shows that, the education provision in the study areas of the woreda did not fit/compatible with the special features, livelihood systems of the pastoralists and agro-pastoralists. The type and facilities of schools, the curriculum developed, teacher’s familiarity to the pastoral environment, school incentives etc. did not fit with what the pastoralists need. The should be practical approaches and strategies, intended in the national and regional education polices did not in function/ practice. Hence the national, regional, and other voluntary NGOs should give greater emphasis, especially in the practicality of the polices and strategies provided.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2673
Appears in:Thesis - Geography & Environmental Education

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