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Title: Implementations of EIA Laws in East Shawa Zone of Oromia National State Special Implementations of EIA Laws in East Shawa Zone of Oromia National State Special Reference to Lume and Ada’a Woreda: Case Study on Various Projects
Authors: Mandefro, Sorecha
Advisors: Mekete Bekele Tekle (Assistant Professor)
Keywords: Environmental Impact Assessment
environmental protection
and human rights.
Copyright: 7-Nov-2011
Date Added: 6-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The importance of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is clearly recognized under the FDRE constitution. The constitution also recognizes certain rights concerning the environment in the interest of the general public. In order to facilitate the practical implementation environmental objectives and enforcement of environmental rights to a clean and healthy environment, the government enacted certain EIA proclamation and guidelines. The guidelines contain certain EIA processes and objectives that the federal EPA and regional environmental agencies are expected to follow. The implementation of these requirements requires the application of the mitigation measures, participation of the Public, the preparation of EIA study report and review by the Proponents, monitoring and evaluation of EIA study report by the competent authorities. The study area of this paper is East Shawa Zone of Oromia Regional State. Where the essential requirements of EIA, like preparation of EIA study report by the proponents, and review of EIA, public participation, absence of EIA follow up mechanisms, such as evaluation and monitoring are not implemented as prescribed in the EIA guidelines and proclamation. Lack of effective observation of these laws became the cause for violations of environmental rights to a clean and healthy guaranteed in the constitution. Thus, unless the concerned officials and the government give due attention to the matter, the rights of the local people and the next generation will be in danger. The study divided into five chapters ranging from background of the study to recommendations.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2666
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