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Authors: Hanna, Berhanu
Advisors: Dr. Ing. Belay Woldeyes
Keywords: Tannery solid waste and viscosity
Copyright: Jul-2011
Date Added: 4-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Glues are an adhesive which are collected by persistent boiling of animal skin, hide trimmings and flesh from the slaughter houses. They can also be gathered from the scrap of animal skin and hide residues of leather industry. This study was aimed at determining the optimum condition for the production of high quality glue from tannery solid waste. In other word, the effect of type of reagents used (such as lime and sulfuric acid), concentration of reagents, boiling time, soaking time and boiling temperature were investigated. The pelt was treated with 2.5% and 10 % concentration of reagents. Under sulfuric acid solution the pelt was soaked overnight and boiled for 2 and 4 hrs at 70oC and 80oC, whereas it was kept for 2 and 4 weeks under lime solution and boiled for about 4 hrs at 70oC and 80oC. Generally, the glue produced by using lime showed relatively high quality than the one produced from sulfuric acid. It was possible to extract high amount of glue within a short period of time from sulfuric acid treated pelt as compared to lime treated one. Under lime medium, the adhesive strength of glue was increased with the concentration and soaking time and decrease with temperature. Soaking of the pelt, in 10% lime solution, for 4 weeks and boiling at 70oC were found to be the optimum conditions for the production of commercially viable glue. At this condition, the viscosity, yield and mass of residue was 255.05 mP, 0.1357g / g of pelt and 0.32287 g/ g of pelt, respectively. The economic feasibility study, carried out in this work, showed that the project is to be financially viable with the rate of return of the project 27.9%, the payback period of 3.08 year and the net present value of 40,036,155.25 birr.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2606
Appears in:Thesis - Process Engineering

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