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Title: Assessment of Energy recovery options and its Economic evaluation from Municipal solid wastes in Addis Ababa (Arada subcity)
Authors: Tarikayehu, Amanuel
Advisors: Dr. Tesfaye Dama
Keywords: Economic evaluation
Municipal solid wastes
Copyright: Oct-2011
Date Added: 4-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: This thesis is intended to assess the energy recovery options from Municipal solid wastes that are collected from Arada Subcity. In the analysis, two particular schemes are analyzed and evaluated for their economic viability. They are Energy recovery through incineration and Landfilling. A detail analysis of each of these options is done to determine how much energy can be recovered by implementing them. Also the detail economic evaluation is conducted to decide on the more viable scheme. The analysis shows that the implementation of the Landfill gas-to-Energy scheme incurs the total estimated capital cost of around 37 million birr. The electricity generation potential of this scheme is around 23MW, which will make a financial value of around 160,000birr.While the capital cost required to implement incineration with energy recovery is estimated around 120 million birr. By implementing this option, around 2600MW of electricity can be produced, which makes a saving of 18,049,681birr, where the current electricity selling price is 0.29 birr/kWh. The analysis is done for the waste capacity of 25,000t per year
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2589
Appears in:Thesis - Mechanical Engineering

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