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Title: Prevalence of childhood and adolescent overweight and obesity among elementary school students in Addis Ababa: Double burden of malnutrition in Ethiopia.
Authors: Zeleke, Alebachew
Advisors: Dr. Fikre Enquoselassie
Keywords: adolescent overweight
Double burden of malnutrition in Ethiopia
Copyright: Jun-2010
Date Added: 4-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Back ground: Overweight is a fast growing health issue affecting children and adolescents today. Economic growth, modernization, urbanization and globalization of food markets are just some of the forces thought to underlie the epidemic of overweight and obesity. An IOTF analysis has shown that overweight and obesity affects one in 10 children worldwide. According to the analysis of WHO global database on child growth and malnutrition, 2001 the prevalence of overweight among under five children was 3.3% for over all developing countries and 3.9% for Africa. Recently there is a growing pattern of childhood overweight in Ethiopia especially in urban areas. Objective: The objective of this study is to determine the prevalence and determinants of childhood and adolescent overweight and obesity. Methods: Cross-sectional survey of childhood and adolescent overweight and obesity was conducted among elementary school students in Addis Ababa from 2006-2007. From a total of 367 primary schools, 30 schools were selected using PPS. From thus schools 3 schools refused to participate in this study. From the selected schools a total of 863 parents and 863 students, in average 32 students from each school were selected. Overweight and obesity was determined using CDC 2000, BMI percentile chart. Socio-demographic and other determinants of childhood overweight data were collected using combination of interview of children and self administered questionnaire to their parents. Finally data was processed and analyzed using SPSS, version13. Result: A total of 863 children and 863 parents were involved in this study. Prevalence of over weight and obesity among primary school children in Addis Ababa were 7.6 %( 95%CI =5.85, 9.37%) and 0.9% (95%CI=0.027%, 1.53%) respectively. Where as sex specific prevalence of overweight and obesity were 9.4 and 0.8 for females, 5.4% and 1.1 for boys respectively. The prevalence of overweight in private school was 23.2 %( 95%CI= 14.71%, 31.69%). Whereas the overall prevalence of underweight was13 %( 18.1% in boys and 9% in girls). Using logistic regression analysis we found the following variables to have positive association with excess body weight of children or adolescent: parental education level (P=0.018), being female (P=0.012), buying ice cream (P=0.033), VII food preference to fruit (P<0.001), age (P=0.046) and private school with reference to government school (P=0.016). Recommendation: Based on the finding following recommendation has been forwarded: School based preventive program should be set, which can actively participate child, child family, and the school; health and nutrition education has to be included in the school curricula, schools should increase more physical education program in a week and health education on healthy diet practice and physical exercise should be given for the community.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2525
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