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Copyright: Jun-2005
Date Added: 4-May-2012
Abstract: Abstract At present, a number of diversified and multipurpose national as well as international efforts have been exerted to ensure an improved provision of potable water supply service in both rural and urban areas of the developing countries (Source Bulletin, 2000). In spite of this recognition and effort, however, the gap between the standard requirement and the actual delivery of the service is getting wider and wider (New, W.W.W. WSSCC.Org.). Consequently, an overwhelming majority of the rural poor are suffering from the abysmal lack of adequate and quality potable water supply. In relation to the global situation, recent publications reveal that about 1.1 billion people of the planet are without access to safe water (Source Bulletin, 2003, No.29:3). In short, albeit the world wide recognition given to the importance of potable water supply, more failure than success stories have been witnessed in the efforts exerted so far. Explaining this failure, lack of sustainability has always come to the forefront in the rural water supply scene. Appreciating this issue, the writer of this paper boldly underlines the need for undertaking a research work that aims at identifying the determinants of sustainable rural water supply system. In fact, no poor country like Ethiopia can afford to ignore the need to have knowledge over the underlining causes of the problem if efforts are meant for the efficient, effective, and long-lasting system functioning; for improving the coverage and quality of potable water service delivery; and, consequently, for ensuring system and overall sustainability in rural water supply in the country.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2508
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