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Authors: Roman, Mesfin
Advisors: Tesfaye Alemu, Ph.D
Keywords: Antifungal compounds
Botrytis fabae
Plant extracts
Copyright: Jun-2010
Date Added: 3-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Aqueous, ethanol, methanol, chloroform and ethyl acetate extracts of seven plants were screened for antifungal activity against Botrytis fabae at different concentrations using poisoned food techniques. The phytopathogenic fungi were isolated from diseased faba baen plants. Four effective plant extracts were selected in vivo test on the infection of B. fabae on faba baen plants, were evaluated and measured in comparison with sterile distilled water which was used as control. The result revealed that aqueous extracts of immature and matured leaf extracts of C. macrostchyus completely inhibited mycelial growth at 30mg/ml and 50mg/ml respectively. C. aurea extract also inhibited fungal growth at 50mg/ml concentration. Most of the selected plants were highly extractable with ethanol especially, the immature and mature leaf extracts of S. marginatum and immature leaf extracts of S. incunum siginificantly inhibited the growth of B. fabae at a concentration of 30mg/ml, followed by immature leaf extracts of D. stramonium and mature leaf extracts of S. incunum at 40mg/ml concentration. From the methanol extracts D. stramonium and C. aurea showed the highest inhibition. It was observed that the chloroform extracts of most selected plants do not show significant effect but, C. macrostchyus at 40mg/ml inhibit 62%. The ethyl acetate extracts of all selected plants do not show effectiveness on the inhibition of the selected isolate. It was observed that ethanol extracts showed highly significant antifungal activity followed by aqueous and methanol extracts. The chloroform and ethyl acetate extracts were inferior on inhibition of the fungal isolate. Methanol extracts of D. stramonium, C. aurea, ethanol extracts of S. marginatum and aqueous extracts of C. macrostchyus were selected from the in vitro evaluation and tested in vivo on faba bean plants and at 20% show significant inhibition. Mixture of plant extracts and bioagents Trychoderma harzianum show significant inhibition on the growth of B. fabae on faba bean in vivo test. The semi purified fraction of chloroform and ethyl acetate extracts of the selected plants did not exhibit effective antifungal activity, but the aqueous solubilized fraction of all plants show significant inhibition.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2369
Appears in:Thesis - Medical Microbiology

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