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Authors: Ewnetu, Bedane
Advisors: Dr. Seifu Kebede
Keywords: DRASTIC Model
Intrinsic Vulnerability,
Copyright: Nov-2008
Date Added: 3-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: The thesis entitled Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment In Modjo River Catchment is a study of the hydrogeological factors pertaining to the DRASTIC system and covers an area of 1527sq km in the Upper Awash River Basin, particularly Modjo River Catchment, northwestern shoulder of the Central Main Ethiopian Rift system bounded in the Zone 37 UTM grids of 930000meter N to 1005000meter N and 490000meter E to 535000meter E. With increasing demand and reliance on groundwater from a growing population and agricultural activity comes the need to increase efforts to protect and manage the resources. Urban, and Industrial development, as well as agricultural activities, are potential sources of groundwater contamination in the study area. The general objective of the research work is to identify and produce aquifer vulnerability map to pollution in Modjo River catchment and to assess the risk for groundwater pollution by adopting Geographic Information System (GIS) based DRASTIC system through producing thematic maps of pertinent hydrogeological factors within the catchment and finally to prepare both Intrinsic and Pesticide Vulnerability Maps and determine aquifer Vulnerability Classes based on DRASTIC Index values. Accordingly, high and very high vulnerable areas are found to occupy most of the gentle and plain terrains in the central and southern parts of the study area whereas low and very low vulnerable area occupy the elevated lands in the eastern, northeastern and northwestern parts of the catchment. Unfortunately the high and very high vulnerable areas occupy also the high and moderate groundwater potential zones identified by Sisay, 2007. This gives additional stimulus to the need to protect the groundwater in the study area. The final use of such a study is to help planners and regulators make environmentally sound decisions regarding land use and groundwater protection. Keywords: DRASTIC Model, Aquifer, Vulnerability, Intrinsic Vulnerability, Pesticide Vulnerability, Modjo River Catchment, Central Main Ethiopian Rift Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment In Modjo River Catchment Ewnetu Bedane,
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2359
Appears in:Thesis - Earth Sciences

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