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Title: Farmers’ Awareness about Land Degradation and their Attitude towards Land Management Practices
Authors: Anteneh, Gebremariam
Advisors: Muluneh W/Tsadik (Ph.D)
Copyright: Jun-2010
Date Added: 3-May-2012
Abstract: Abstract The study examines farmers’ awareness about land degradation and their attitude towards land management practices in Aleta wondo woreda, Sidama zone, southern Ethiopia. With the use of structured questionnaire and interview schedule, a total of 219 farmers were surveyed for the study. The findings show that about 96% of the respondents were males while 64.0% of them either had primary or secondary education qualification and 36% had no formal education. All the respondents aware of soil erosion and deforestation about 92% and 85% were aware of over grazing and poor farming practices respectively. Only very few of the respondents were indicate absence of crop rotation, planting eucalyptus trees and lack of fertilizers as a cause of land degradation. The assessment of farmers’ awareness in the consequence of land degradation shows that all of the farmers in the study area have been aware of loss of agriculture production. The majority aware of increases the requirement of fertilizers, difficulty of farming and loss in livestock productivity which accounts 93.2%, 91.8% and 84.9%, respectively. Only very few of the respondents were aware that poverty and economic backwardness, migration and landlessness as a consequence of land degradation. The findings of farmers’ awareness in land management practices indicate that all of the respondents were aware of mixed cropping, organic manure (93.6%), closure of grazing land (93.2%), terracing (90.7%) and crop rotation (87.7%). While a very few of the respondents aware of contour plowing and fallowing. Information on land management practices was mostly obtained from fellow farmers and extension agents. Mixed cropping and organic manures were widely used land management practices in the study area. The survey showed that the respondents have favourable attitude towards land management practices. The findings also showed that there was a significant association between age and awareness in the causes and consequences of land degradation and land management practices. There were also statistically significant association between educational background and awareness about the issue of land degradation and management practices. In addition, statistically significant association was also found between age and attitude towards land management practices. Based on the findings of this study, it is recommended that there is a need of modifying educational/training programs which was provided for farmers by considering the existing knowledge and practices in a particular area.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2283
Appears in:Thesis - Geography & Environmental Education

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