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Title: Assessment of Prevalence Associated Factors and Outcome of Sexual Violence Among High School Students in Debereberhan Town.
Advisors: Nigussie Deyassa (MD,Mph,phD,Assistant professor)
Copyright: Apr-2011
Date Added: 3-May-2012
Abstract: Abstract Background: Sexual violence refers to any sexual act directed against a person’s sexuality by any person regardless of their relationship to the victim. It is found in almost all countries. In developing countries, the problem is particularly severe. In Ethiopia, the problem is most prevalent, and is related with physical and mental health. Objective: - the objective of this study is to determine the prevalence associated factors, and outcome of sexual violence among female high school students. Methods:-Across sectional institution based survey using self administered anonymous questionnaire and Focus Group Discussions, were conducted among 598 female high school students in Debereberhan town from December- January 2010/2011. Result-The prevalence of life time completed and attempted rape was found to be 13.2% and 21.7% respectively, among the different forms of sexual violence, verbal harassment was the most common reporting 36.5% followed by unwanted sexual acting, unwanted touching, faced unwelcome kissing respectively 30.9%, 30.8%, 21.8%. And life time experience of rape was significantly associated with duration of living in the town, living alone, having boy friend, and a habit of taking alcohol and chat. Unwanted pregnancy 15 (20.5%), abortion 9 (13.7%), unusual discharge from the vagina 33 (45.2%) and ulcer in genitals 25(34.2%) were reported outcome of rape victims which signify the role of the health problems and after victimization 73 (92 %) of the victim did not share the event with legal body. Conclusion and Recommendation:- The findings of this study indicate that female high school students in Debereberhan town are at high risk of sexual violence and outcome. Living alone, duration of living in town, having boyfriend, and a habit of taking alcohol and chat are associated with life time experience of sexual violence. Attention should be given for those female students who are living alone. Sex education should be provided to students, focusing on teaching new model of healthy relationship, also female students who have poor physical and mental health as well as those who face problem in attending education should be evaluated for sexual violence, Measure should be taken increasing awareness about substance use, IEC materials should be made available to improve awareness on various forms of sexual violence existent for the students and their families and Encouraging victims to report to legal body is recommended.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2196
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