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Advisors: Ato Erdaw Tachble
Copyright: Jul-2009
Date Added: 3-May-2012
Abstract: Abstract Back ground: History of Substance /drug abuse is as old as history of man kind. Human beings have been using the deferent parts of plants as medicine for reliving different health conditions. The extent of illicit drug use is mainly seen among the youth. Objective: To assess the magnitude, identify types and factors associated with substance abuse, among female and male high school students in Addis Ababa. Methodology: The study designs used were both qualitative and quantitative study methods. The study period was from April to May 2009. and data was entered and analyzed using SPSS version 13.0. Results: Among socio-demographic characteristics there is stastical significant association between Family use of substance /Drug with student to abuse substances /drugs (p= 0.015). Alcohol and khat were the two substances abused by high school students 43.3 % male and 26.4% female students abuse alcohol Similarly Khat was abused by 32.4 % males and females 17.3 %, Cigarettes was abused by 22.4% male and 4.8 % female students and illegal drugs were abused by 11.4 %, male and 1.7% female students . When we compare both groups males abuse more than females and also there is strong association between sex and substances abuse (Cigarette Smoking Χ²=28.673, p<0.01, Alcohol consumption Χ² =13.371, p< 0.01, Khat chewing Χ² =13.001, p<0.01 and Illegal substance/ drug Χ² =16.023, p< 0.01). Alcohol was abused by 62 (28.3%) male and 35(15.2% Female students for relaxation purposes. Cigarettes was smoked by 23 (10.5%) male and 6(2.7%) Female students for relaxation purpose. Regarding to khat use most students use khat for relaxation and entertainment purposes with 31(14.2%) males and 10 (4.3%) females and also 22(10%) males and 20(8.7%) female use khat to increase their concentration during study. Students get substances from different sources.36 (60%) Cigarette, 71(64%) Khat and 9(31%) Illegal drug was from near by shop. Alcohol, 57.9% male and 49% female introduced to students by friends, Khat 67.6% males and 62.5% females also introduced to students by friends and 76% male and 25% female students illegal substances/drugs were introduced to them by friends. More substances were introduced to students by friends and peer pressure play a great role in introducing substances /drugs.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2152
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