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Authors: Fekadu, Mazengia
Advisors: Dr Alemayheu Worku
Copyright: Jun-2008
Date Added: 3-May-2012
Abstract: ABSTRACT Background: The very low level of economic development, widespread poverty, very poor and inadequate health services, etc., make the consequences of youth sexuality much more serious in the Ethiopia than those of the developed countries. It is crucial to understand determinants and the surrounding context of early sexual initiation in a broader context for designing and implementing effective interventions targeting youth. Objectives: The aim of this study therefore is to examine the median age and various paths of the commencement of first sex for rural and urban youths Methods: A comparative cross sectional study was conducted between, March 1st -15th in Dessie town and Dessie Zuria Woreda. To draw a total sample of size 1294 (647 urban and 647 rural) a multistage cluster sampling was used. Then, households were selected by random walk method. All youths in the selected households were the study subjects. To collect quantitative data semi-structured, pretested questionnaire & for qualitative FGD was utilized. Eight Trained data collectors and two supervisors collected the data. After data have bean cleaned & coded entered and analyzed using EPI INFO version 2000 and SPSS for Windows version 15.0. Univariate and multivariate analysis were used. Result: About half, 51.3% of the surveyed youths nearly in equal proportion between rural and urban have ever had sex. The Mean & median age of sexual initiation were 16.8 years (SD= 2.25) and 17 years respectively (Range 8-24 years). Rural youths initiate sex at lower age mean and median (16.49+2.11) and 16.00 than their urban counterparts mean and median (17.18+2.32) and 17.00 respectively the hzard was significant (AHR [95% CI] =1.45 (1.19, 2.55). Multivariate analysis show that female by gender OR [95%CI]=1.56(1.11,2.19), chew Khat (adj. OR [CI] = 2.05 [1.05–3.96]),who drink alcohol (adj OR [CI] = 2.05 [1.05– 3.96),who viewed pornographic materials < 18 years Adj OR= 24.133 (3.28, 177.80) and less connected with parents adj. 0R=2.30(1.35, 3.91)were more likely to have early sexual initiation. Nearly two third of the sexual initiations were unprotected and some occur with higher risk groups. Half of the sexually active youths have >2 sexual partner in there life time. Furthermore, 14% out of which had sex with a non-regular (causal) sexual partner. Attributed to their early and unprotected sexual initiation a significant number of adolescents face the untoward complication of early sexual initiation. Of the sexually active youths 13% 9 report STI 45% of female were pregnant at least once in there sexual life time. Logistic analysis to see the impact of early sexual initiation showed that early initiators were more likely to be exposed to STIs & multiple partnership than late initiators [adj OR 95%CI] =2.08(1.17, 3.72) and [adj OR (95%CI) = 2.33(1.61, 3.37)] respectively.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2149
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