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Title: Performance Evaluation of Compression and Security Algorithms for Audio-Video Streaming and Implementation of Selected Algorithms.
Authors: Andargachew, Gobena
Advisors: Dr. Kumudha Raimond
Keywords: Compression
Copyright: Apr-2011
Date Added: 2-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Audio, Image and Video are multimedia data that are ubiquitous in the digital world. The raw forms of such data produced by capturing devices contain some unnecessary details that can be removed so that only usable/observable contents are maintained for storage. Other contents are temporally or spatially redundant so that long repetitions can be represented in a more storage efficient way. The process of reducing the size of data is called compression. The compressed data are reprocessed to create the original or near original data through a process of decompression. For multimedia data, there are numerous algorithms and programs to perform the compression and decompression process that are created, developed and maintained by different commercial and non-commercial organizations converting the processed data into custom formats. The diversity in storage formats makes it difficult for users to definitively adapt a uniform standard for data management. Processing time, storage requirement, and bandwidth consumption of the data vary among the representations. This thesis work independently treats Audio, Image and Video data and carries out performance evaluation based on defined set of parameters. Data files have been prepared and subjected to compression and decompression programs and values for the performance parameters are registered under uniform test environment for each data type. The observations point out the difficulty in ultimately deciding the best algorithms in each test case due to the trade off that exists between the defined parameters. So many real life applications have been considered and optimal algorithms have been suggested based on affordable tradeoffs. A new algorithm for image compression has been designed, implemented and tested. Security test has also been done to observe the effect of applying security features to the data. Securing data imposes additional processing time and has little effect on the storage size.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2052
Appears in:Thesis - Computer Engineering

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