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Title: Assessment of Acceptability of provider Initiated HIV Counseling and Testing Among Tuberculosis Patients on DOTS in Adama City Administration, Central Oromia.
Authors: Fatuma, Seid
Advisors: Dr. Getnet Mitike
Keywords: HIV Counseling
Tuberculosis Patients
Copyright: Jul-2008
Date Added: 1-May-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Background: HIV counseling and testing is fundamental to both HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Patients need to know their sero-status to benefit from available care and treatment options. Therefore, multi-focused counseling and testing strategies need to be instituted in order to reach risk groups. Provider Initiated HIV Counseling and Testing (PIHCT) is getting implemented in most facilities utilizing Directly Observed Treatment Short course (DOTS) to increase uptake of HCT as most the important opportunity. Different factors might affect PIHCT service uptake which demand timely assessment. Objective: to assess acceptability of PIHCT and factors influencing PICHT service uptake among TB patients in Adama. Methods: Institution-based, cross-sectional study was conducted from March to April 2008, on 322 patients attending Tuberculosis clinics in Adama town. Data was collected for 2 consecutive months on working days until the required sample size was attained. Results: The majority of the patients were young (52%). Most patients initiated for HIV testing by their TB treatment supervisor 287(89%), among which 233 (81%) had accepted PICHT. Supervisors are more likely to influence acceptability of PICHT at OR =2.6; 95% CI (1.2, 5.4). Age was seen to affect acceptability of PICHT positively both for the younger age group and the middle age group at AOR= 2; 95% CI (1.6, 9.9) and AOR= 4.1; 95% (1.9, 10.1) respectively. Education also influence PIHCT positively, those in the primary second cycle accept PIHCT at AOR =3; 95% CI (1.2, 7.3). Being a merchant negatively associated with PICHT at AOR= 0.2; 95%CI (0.09, 0.6).Individual risk perception was a major barrier for PICHT acceptability at AOR=0.04; 95% CI (0.008, 0.02). Conclusion and Recommendation: The relatively high acceptability of PIHCT in this study shows fertile ground for the control, prevention and treatment of both HIV/AIDS and TB. The programme needs to be strengthened and TB supervisors should keep their efforts to promote PIHCT.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2035
Appears in:Thesis - Public Health

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