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Advisors: Dr. Sib Krishna Ghoshal
Copyright: Jun-2006
Date Added: 30-Apr-2012
Abstract: Over past two decades a revolution has taken place in the miniaturization of device technology for low cost and maximum efficiency. New materials are explored through intensive research and outcome is nanoscsle devices. It all the rapid growth of nanomatreials and technology follows thereafter. In this dissertation our interest is to throw some light on such an industrially potential nanomaterial called FULLERENE. The discovery of Fullerenes gave a whole new insight into carbon materials, particularly graphitic ones. The C60 structure followed geometric principles and this made people realize that a great variety of hollow, closed carbon structures, including carbon nanotubes, could be made based on the same principles. Carbon nanotubes have an interesting property that they are predicted to be either semiconducting or conducting depending on the chirality’s and diameter of the nanotube. They are expected to be conductive additives to plastics and for use in electrochemical applications. Another approach is to use the carbon nanotube as a template for a nanotube of an inorganic oxide. Thus, nanotubes offer exciting possibilities in the material, chemical and physical sciences. Fullerene and fullerene based nanomaterials have highly promising future application and tremendous impact in modern civilization. Therefore the main objectives of this project are to focus on some relevant issues like: 􀂙 What is fullerene and fullerene based martial-carbon nanotubes? 􀂙 How to deal with the important concepts in structure of fullerene and carbon nanotubes? 􀂙 How to synthesis fullerene and carbon nanotube? 􀂙 Why fullerene and carbon nanotube are extraordinary? 􀂙 How they find potential applications and utilities in every sphere of life and civilization? 􀂙 How one can image and probe nanostructures like fullerenr and carbon nanotube?
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2010
Appears in:Thesis - Physics

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