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Jun-1982A Palynological-Taxonomic Study of The Genus Asystasia and A Palynological Study of Some Related Genera in the AcanthaceaeMrs. Sue Edwards; Kelbessa, Ensermu
Jun-1982Attempts towards the Synthesis of Kosotoxin and AnaloguesDr. Ermias Dagne; Alemayehu, Gizachew
Jun-1982The in Vivo and in Vitro Nitrate Reductase Activity in Tef (Eragrostis Tef (Zucc.) Trotter) Under Different Assay ConditionsDr. Asfaw Zeleke; Negash, Legesse
Jun-1982Staphylococcus Aureus From Surgical ,Departments of Hospitals in Addis Ababa: Staff Carriage Rates, Environmental Contamination and AntibiogramsDr. Messele Gedebou; Tewodros, Wezenet
Jun-1982Solvent Extraction and Spectrophotometrig Determination of Cobalt (III) and Iron (III) with Nshydroxy-N,Ni-Diphenylbenzamidine in Pre6ence of AzideDr. B.S. Chandravanshi; Moges, Ghirma
Jun-1982A Preliminary Study of the Fungal Flora of Ethiopian Cereal Grains with Special Emphasis on the Prevalence of Toxicogenic GroupsDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Abate, Dawit
Jun-1982The Effect of Different Soils on the Growth and Yield of Some Tef CultivarsDr. Tewolde G.GEgziabher; Isak, Sirak
Jul-1982Adoptive Transfer of Lymphocytes and its Role in Protection against Schistosoma Mansoni Infection in Arvicanthus Sp RatsDr. Ayele Belehu; Mengestou, Seyoum
Feb-1983Comparative, Studies on the Ecology of Biomphalaria Pfeifferi (Krauss, 1847) in Non Endemic and Endemic Areas of Schistosoma Mansoni (Sambon, 1907) in EthiopiaDr. Shibru Tedla; Lakew, Mekuria
May-1983The Prevallence Of Salmonella, Shigella And Yersinia Enterocolitica In Adult Diarrhoeal Out-Patients In Some Hospitals Of Addis AbabaDr. Messele Gedebou; Ashenafi, Mogessie
May-1983Biological Assessments and Farmers' Perceptionon Socioeconomic Impact of Parthenium Hysterophorus in Native Biodiversity in Kobo, Amhara RegionDr. Taye Tessema; Dr. Seyoum Mengistou; Kindie, Mulugeta
May-1983The Effects of Hypoxia and Hypercapnia on Plasma Renin Activity in the RabbitDr. Owino Okong’o; Negatu, Zeleke
Jun-1983THE PHONOLOGY OF TIGRIGNA (Generative Approach)Dr. Klaus wedekind,; Girmay, Berhane
Jun-1983Peculiarities of the Electron-Phonon Interaction during Change of Topology of the Fermi Surface in MetalsDr. V.N. Davydov; Habtetsion, Semereab
Jun-1983Polarography of the Complexes of Cd (II), Co (II), and Ni (II) With ThreonineDr. Theodros Solomon; Demoz, Alebachew
Jun-1983Studies on the anthrohophilic species of simulium in the ghibe river valleyDr. Tesfamichel T/yohannes; Gebremichael, Teshome
Jun-1983Surface Wave Dispresion between North and East AfricaDr. Laike Mariam Asfaw; kebede, Fekadu
Jun-1983Photochemical and Photophysical Studies on IsatinDr. G.Haucke; Negusse, Ghebrehiwet
Jun-1983Monopole Synchrotron Radiation and Electron-Monopole ScatteringDr. V.N. Davydov; Kassahun, Fesseha
Jun-1983Isolation and Characterization of Aerobic Cellulose-Degrading MicroorganismsDr. Berhanu A. Gashe; Assefa, Fassil