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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Artificial Neural Network Based Identification Of Process Dynamics and Neural Network Controller DesignZebene Kiflie (PhD); Desta, Getachew
Jun-2014Biodiesel Production from Consortium of MicroalgaeZebene Kiflie (PhD); Birhanu, Ayalew
Jul-2011CFD Modeling and Simulation on Hydrodynamics of CFB Biomass Gasifier using FLUENTZebene Kiflie (PhD); Beniyam, Kebede
Jul-2016Comparative Study on Biogas Production Potential of Sewage, Slaughterhouse, Fruit-Vegetable Wastes and their Co-digestionZebene Kiflie (PhD); Alemu, Gizaw
3-May-2012Composting of Khat And Related Materials as Solid Waste Management Option in Awaday TownZebene Kiflie (PhD); Mahabub, Yusuf
Dec-2014Development of Fruit Leather from Indigenous Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) FruitZebene Kiflie (PhD); Yinebeb, Girma
10-May-2012Extraction and Characterization of Essential Oil from Margosa SeedZebene Kiflie (PhD); Wondesen, Workneh
Jul-2017Extraction, Optimization and Characterization of Essential oil from Vetiver (vetiveria zizanioides) Grass Root by Steam Distillation for Perfume ApplicationZebene Kiflie (PhD); Dereje, Emishaw
Oct-2017Fluoride Removal using Modified Spent Diatomaceous Earth AdsorbentsZebene Kiflie (PhD); Temesgen, Wolde
Jul-2017Kraft Pulping of Wheat StrawZebene Kiflie (PhD); Gebeyaw, Engida
27-Mar-2014Liquid Fuel Production Through Pyrolysis of Khat and Plastic Waste MixtureZebene Kiflie (PhD); Yishak, Abdulhafiz
Jun-2016Preparation of Prosopis juliflora Charcoal and the study of its use as energy mix in cement industriesZebene Kiflie (PhD); Mahider, Solomon
15-Jun-2016Production of Bio-Ethanol From CorncobZebene Kiflie (PhD); Mebrhit, G/Mariam
Jul-2015Pulp Production from Agricultural ResiduesZebene Kiflie (PhD); Mihretab, Mezgebu
Jul-2015Pulp Production from Cotton Stalks using Kraft PulpingZebene Kiflie (PhD); Gedefaw, Asmare
4-May-2012Synthesis of Carboxymethyl Cellulose from Sugarcane BagasseZebene Kiflie (PhD); Yalew, Woldeamanuel