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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-20112D Hydrodynamic Modeling of RIB RiverYonas Michael (PhD); Muluken, Shiferaw
16-May-2012The Effect of Land Use Change on Hydrology of Akaki CatchmentYonas Michael (PhD); Abdrhman, Berga
Aug-2012Flood Risk Mapping and Vulnerability Analysis of Megech River using 2D Hydrodynamic Flood ModellingYonas Michael (PhD); Solomon, Fikadu
18-Oct-2008Regional Flood Frequency Analysis for Upper Awash Sub- Basin (Upstream of Koka)Yonas Michael (PhD); Mengistu Demissie
4-May-2012Technical Performance Evaluation of Domestic Roof Water Harvesting Schemes (The Case of Minjar And Shenkora Woreda Schemes)Yonas Michael (PhD); Befekadu, Kassahun
21-Aug-2012Water Balance of Upper Awash Basin Based on Satellite-Derived Data (Remote Sensing)Yonas Michael (PhD); Kurkura, Mussa