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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Estimation of Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) (Case Study on Upper Awash Sub River Basin)Yilma Sileshi (PhD); Birhan, Tekuame
4-May-2012Evaluation of Technical Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Projects in The Amhara Regional State Case Study in South WolloYilma Sileshi (PhD); Selamawit, Assefa Mersha
Mar-2014Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Reservoir Operation Simulation using HEC-ResSim and its impact on downstream Hydropower GenerationYilma Sileshi (PhD); Zelalem, Tesfaye
10-Aug-2012Hydraulic Modeling and Flood Mapping Of Fogera Flood Plain: A Case Study of Gumera RiverYilma Sileshi (PhD); Hagos, Brhane
10-May-2012Hydrological Models Comparison for Estimation of Floods in The Abaya-Chamo Sub-BasinYilma Sileshi (PhD); Abyot, Ayka
4-May-2012Impact of Land Use Change on Reservoir Sedimentation (Case Study of Karadobi)Yilma Sileshi (PhD); Dereje, Dargie Haile
2017Impact of Land Use Land Cover Change on Stream Flow (Case Study Gilgel Gibe III)Yilma Sileshi (PhD); Assefa, Nigussie
Oct-2009Impact of Land Use/Cover Change on Catchment Hydrology and Water Quality in Lege Dadi-Dire Catchments, EthiopiaYilma Sileshi (PhD); Taye, Aduna
Dec-2010Operation Modeling for Tendaho Reservoir Using HEC-ResSimYilma Sileshi (PhD); Biruk, Asrat
Mar-2012Prediction of Sediment Inflow to Gefersa Reservoir (Using Swat Model) and Assessing Sediment Redution MethodsYilma Sileshi (PhD); Fasil, Gebremeskel
Jan-2010Regional Sediment Yield Estimate for Abbay River BasinYilma Sileshi (PhD); Jemal, Hangie
Nov-2011Water Supply Coverage and Water Loss in Distribution System with Modeling (The Case Study of Addis Ababa)Yilma Sileshi (PhD); Shimeles, Kabeto