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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2013Abay Basin Water Allocation Modelling Using Hec-ResSimYilma Seleshi (PhD); Fanuel, Wondye
16-Oct-2008Assessment of Lake Ziway Water BalanceYilma Seleshi (PhD); Amare Mazengia Wondifraw
Jun-2016Assessment of Stormwater Drainage Systems in Kemise TownYilma Seleshi (PhD); Biniyam, Asfaw
16-Oct-2008Development of Synthetic Unit Hydrographs for Watersheds in The Upper Awash and Upper Tekeze BasinsYilma Seleshi (PhD); Mulugeta, Azeze
May-2015Eastern Nile River Basin Simulation with Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam GERD Application of distributed hydrological modeling with Mike Hydro modelingYilma Seleshi (PhD); Tesfaye, Abebe
May-2016Effect of Sediment Aggradation on the Hydraulic Performance of River Cross Drainage Structures (The case of Mekanisa Bridge on Mekanisa to Gofa Highway Road)Yilma Seleshi (PhD); Natnael, Hailu
6-Nov-2012Establishing Water Release Rules for Koka Reservoir for Wet Seasons.Yilma Seleshi (PhD); Paulos, Shemeles
14-Oct-2008Flood Frequency Analysis for Lower Awash Sub basin [Tributaries from Northern Wollo High Lands] Using SWAT 2005 ModelYilma Seleshi (PhD); Yidenkachew, Argaw
6-Feb-2013Hydraulic Network Modeling and Upgrading of Legedadi Subsystem Water Supply (Case study of Addis Ababa City)Yilma Seleshi (PhD); Amdework, Belay
22-May-2012Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Upstream of Awash with The Confluence of Kesem RiverYilma Seleshi (PhD); Siraj, Mekoya