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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2015Analysis of Train Energy Consumption Reduction by Passing Low Passenger Flow Stations in Off-peak Hour for Addis Ababa LRT Case Study on the Line of E-W Addis Ababa LRTTollossa Deberie (Mr.); Eshetu, Shewalema
Aug-2014Contact Point Dynamics of Wheel-Rail GeometryZewdu Abdi (PhD); Tollossa Deberie (Mr.); Mintesnot, Tsadiku
Mar-2015Modeling and Structural Analysis of railway Vehicle body with Finite Element methodTollossa Deberie (Mr.); Belete, Jirru
Jul-2014Rail Vehicle Cab Structural Dynamic Behavior under Collision and Improving Its Crush WorthinessZewdu Abdi (PhD); Tollossa Deberie (Mr.); Mesay, Diriba