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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2017Determinations of Optimum Maturity Indices and Storage life for Selected Avocado Cultivars Grown in Wendo-genet (Southern Ethiopia)Shimelis Admassu (PhD); Tsegay, Hailu
17-Jan-2013Development and Evaluation of Chickpea and Rice Based Dry Fermented SausagesShimelis Admassu (PhD); Habtamu, Asmare
Oct-2016Development and Quality Characterization of Whey-Aloe Debrana Based Probiotic BeveragesShimelis Admassu (PhD); Mohammed, Semaw
Jun-2017Development of legume based complementary food ProductsShimelis Admassu (PhD); Sintayehu, Matewos
3-May-2012Effect of fermentation on Quality Protein Maize-soybean Blends for the Production of Weaning FoodShimelis Admassu (PhD); Meseret, Bekele
7-Nov-2008Effect of Low Temperature Preservation on The Physicochemical and Microbiological Qualitieis Of Selected Fish Species of Lake ZiwayShimelis Admassu (PhD); Mekonnen, Melaku
2-Apr-2013Evaluation of Cheddar and Cottage Cheese Production from Doe and Ewe MilkShimelis Admassu (PhD); Bezaye, Taye
7-Nov-2008Evaluation of Ethanol Production from Intermediate Cane Molasses by Yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae )Shimelis Admassu (PhD); Fekadu, Abebe
Jul-2007Evaluation of Imported and Local Wax for Cheese ProcessingShimelis Admassu (PhD); Solomon, Getachew
10-May-2012Influence of Baking Time and Temperature on the Quality of Kocho Biscuit Enriched with Faba Bean and WheatShimelis Admassu (PhD); Kalekristos Yohannes
7-May-2012Nutritional Composition, Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Some Capsicum Varieties Grown in EthiopiaShimelis Admassu (PhD); Ashebir Fisseha (PhD); Esayas Kinfe
Jun-2017Optimization of Extraction Process Parameters and Characterization of Gin Flavor from Juniper Berries (Juniperus Communis)Shimelis Admassu (PhD); Meroda, Tesfaye
Jun-2017Product Development and Quality Characterization of Pulse-based Extruded Ready to Eat SnacksShimelis Admassu (PhD); Haylemikael, Alemayehu
5-Nov-2008Technical Assessment on Viability of Integrated Fruits Processing in EthiopiaShimelis Admassu (PhD); Elias, Abebe