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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2008Alternative Concrete-Steel Building Construction for Social Housing ProjectsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Tsehaye, Eshetu
May-2011Assessment of the Effect of Concrete Class variation on Dynamic Response of Framed StructuresShifferaw Taye (PhD); Natnael, Kebede
Dec-2016Assessment on Effect of Vertical Component Earthquake Ground Acceleration on Building StructureShifferaw Taye (PhD); Gizaw Zewdie
7-May-2012Behavior and Modeling of Semi - Rigid Steel Beam to Column ConnectionsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Temesgen, Wondimu
Mar-2011Blast Loading and Blast Effects on RC Frame BuildingsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Abdulaziz, Kassahun
Oct-2016Comparative Study on the Response of RC Frame Structure Braced With Different Steel Bracing SystemsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Berhanu, Tena
20-Jun-2014Comparison of Analysis Models of Highway and Railway Bridges--Loads and Load CombinationsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Nuruye, Adane
Mar-2008Comparison of Prestressed Hollow Core Concrete Slab and Precast Concrete Beam-Block Slab SystemShifferaw Taye (PhD); Abebe, Shawel
13-Oct-2008A Computer Program for Elastic Analysis And Design Of Steel Space Frame Structures According To EBCS 3 1995Shifferaw Taye (PhD); Tamrat, Tilahun
22-May-2008Computerized Analysis of Frames with Non-Prismatic MembersShifferaw Taye (PhD); Samson, Takele
23-May-2008Correlation Between Actual Reinforced Concrete Wall Behavior and Its Centerline ModelShifferaw Taye (PhD); Medhanye, Biedebrhan
Jul-2009Critical Comparative Feature Analysis of Structural Software (Sap 2000 And STAAD.Pro) And the Nature of Their Pirated CounterpartsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Letibeb, Makonnen
16-Oct-2008Design Aid for Composite ColumnsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Ermiyas Ketema
16-Oct-2008Design Charts for Composite Slab of 80mm and 100mm Concrete ThicknessesShifferaw Taye (PhD); Michael, Abebe
Nov-2009Effect of Change in Yield strength of Reinforcement Steel on the Safety and Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams and ColumnsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Alemu, Sisay
Nov-2016A Finite Element Method Based Analysis of CorbelsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Finotework, Asnake
Jun-2017Influence of Coupled Shear Wall Components on Structural Behaviour under Dynamic LoadsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Sosena, Eshetu
Oct-2016Influence of Plan Irregularity on The Seismic Response of Base Isolated StructuresShifferaw Taye (PhD); Asmamaw, Fetene
8-Feb-2013Investigation of Alternative Design Forms of Precast Beam for Low Cost BuildingsShifferaw Taye (PhD); Melaku, Tesfaye
22-May-2008Optimal Design for Prestressed Concrete Box Girder BridgeShifferaw Taye (PhD); Samuel, Hailemichael