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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-20099,9-Disubstituted Fluorene-Based Polymers:Preparation and CharacterizationProf. Wendimagegn Mammo; Ayalew, Hussen
7-May-2010Fluorene-Based Alternating Copolymers: Synthesis and CharacterizationProf. Wendimagegn Mammo; Zewdneh, Genene
Jul-2008Polydentate 1, 10-Phenanthroline-5, 6-Dione Derivatives and its Metal Complexes-Synthesis and CharacterizationProf. V. J. T. Raju; Prof. Wendimagegn Mammo; Atetegeb, Meazah
Jul-2009Synthesis and Characterization of Quinoxaline-Fluorene-Thiophene Containing PolymersProf. Wendimagegn Mammo; Zewdu, Messele
Oct-2014Synthesis and Characterization of Some Donor-Acceptor Type Low Band Gap Polymers Based on Thiophene and QuinoxalineProf. Wendimagegn Mammo; Kumasser, Kusse
Dec-2014Synthesis and Characterization of Thieno [3,4-b] Pyrazine-Based Conjugated PolymersProf. Wendimagegn Mammo; Meseret, Asrat
Jul-2009Synthesis and Partial Characterization of Ladder and Quinoxaline-Based Co-Fluorene Low Bandgap PolymersProf. Wendimagegn Mammo; Fiseha, Bogale
4-Jul-2008Synthesis of Carbazole Based MonomersProf. Wendimagegn Mammo; Andarge, Legesse
4-May-2010Synthesis of Low Bandgap Alternating Copolymers Based on Fluorene-Quinoxaline and Benzothiadiazole UnitsProf. Wendimagegn Mammo; Endale, Mulugeta
Jul-2008Synthesis of Pyrazinoquinoxaline and Thiadiazoloquinoxaline-Containing MonomersProf. Wendimagegn Mammo; Mulugeta, Gizachew
Jul-2008Synthesis of Quinoxaline- and Benzimidazolebased MonomersProf. Wendimagegn Mammo; Tedla, Abebe