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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-20122D Spin-Dependent Electron Scattering by NanomagnetsProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Teshome, Senbeta
Jun-2009Application of Variational Methods on the Theory of SuperconductivityProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Ewunetie, Amare Muche
Mar-2015Discovery, Physical Properties, Synthesis and Application of GrapheneProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Dr. Teshome Senbeta; Teshome, Abreham
Feb-2016Electron Scattering in Graphene by Electric and Magnetic DipoleProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Achenefe, Yohannes
Mar-2013Graphene and Its Physical PropertiesProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Fikre Mulu
Jun-2014Landau Levels and Hall Effect in Two Dimensional SystemsProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Sewnet Mengestia, Belayneh
Jun-2014Light Waves in a Composite of Cylindrical Nanoinclusions in Passive and Active Host MatricesProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Alemu Abbo, Yilak
Jun-2011Low Lying Energy States of Two Electron Quantum Dots with Rigid ConfinementProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Manyazewal, Kebede
Jun-2011The Low Lying States of Two-Electron Quantum Dot with Parabolic ConfinementProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Mulugeta, Duressa
3-Jun-2010Media with Negative Refractive Index and their Electromagnetic PropertiesProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Abdulhayi, Abdella
Jun-2013Optical Properties of Metal/Dielectric Composites with Passive and Active Host MatricesProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Shewamare, Sisay
May-2013Optically Induced Bistability as Nonlinear Optics PhenomenaProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Ayall, Yasabu
May-2017Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Structured Metamaterials and System of Two-Level AtomsProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Dr. Belayneh Mesfin; Ahmed, Abdurahman
Jan-2014Quantum Hall Effect in 2DES and GrapheneProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Nigussie Demissie, Yhunebrhane
Jun-2009Quantum Hall Effect in Two Dimensional Electron GasProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Yohannes, Achenefe
Jun-2012Quantum Mechanical and Optical Properties of Asymmetric Double Wells and Two Electron Quantum DotsProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Menberu, Mengesha
Jun-2009Quasiparticles in the Superconducting State of MetalsProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Abebe, Fentie Abitew
Feb-2012Spin Dependent 2D Electron Scattering by NanomagnetsProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Minda, Lemma
Jun-2011Spin Dependent 2D Electron Scattering on NanomagnetsProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Kunsa, Haho
Jun-2011Strongly Magnetized Two Dimensional Electron Gas with Account of Confinement and Pair Interaction of ElectronsProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Zelalem, Abebe