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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1997Amperometric Determination of Potassium and of Urease Activity in Plant MaterialsDr. B. Hundhammer; Prof. Theodros Solomon; Esubalew, Siraye
Jun-2000Electrochemical Behaviours of Substituted ThiophenesDr. B. Hundhammer; Prof. Theodros Solomon; Adgo, Abebaw
Jun-2005Electrochemical Determination of Simazine Using Clay Modified Carbon Paste ElectrodeProf. Theodros Solomon; Endale, Tsegaye
Jun-1997Electrochemical Investigation of the Lceucoemeraldin/Emeraldine Redox Couple of PolyanilineProf. Theodros Solomon; Dr. B. Hundhammer; Tesfay, Hagos
Jun-1996Enzymatic Determination of Urea at the Membrane-Stabilized Liquid-LiquidinterfaceDr. B. Hundhammer; Prof. Theodros Solomon; Taddese, Tesfaye
Jun-1996Further Improvements of the Flow Injection Glutamate Oxidase-Based Assay for D-Odap in Grass PeaDr. Ghirma Moges; Prof. Theodros Solomon; Wodajo, Negussie
Jun-1998Optimization of Sample Pretreatment Methods for the Applications of the Glutamate Oxidase Reactor in Flow Injection Analysis of the Neurotoxic P-Odap in Grass Pea (Guciyci)Prof. Theodros Solomon; Dr. Ghirma Moges; Ahmed, Kassbvi
Feb-2008Sampling and Sample Preparation Techniques for Trace Level Analysis of Pesticides and their Degradation Products in Water Systems of the Lower Rift Valley of EthiopiaDr. Negussie Megersa; Prof. Jan Åke Jönsson; Prof. Theodros Solomon; Tarekegn, Berhanu
Apr-2007Solar Energy Conversion Based on Organic and Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Solar CellsDr. Teketel Yohannes; Prof. Theodros Solomon; Assefa, Sergawie
3-May-2010Study of CE Mechanism by Cyclic Voltammetry: Cd(II) + Aspartic Acid SystemProf. Theodros Solomon; Belete, Tesfaw
10-May-2010Study of EC Mechanism by Cyclic Voltammetry: Electrochemical Oxidation of Catechol in the Presence of ImidazoleProf. Theodros Solomon; Asfaw, Negash
Jun-1999Synthesis and Structural Studies on Some Transition Metal Complexes Derived From Substituted Symmetric TriazinesDr. V. J. T. Raju; Prof. Theodros Solomon; Dinku, Worku
Apr-2000Trace Enrichment of Triazine Herbicides Using the Supported Liquid Membrane Extraction TechniqueProf. Theodros Solomon; Dr. B. S. Chandravanshi; Megersa, Negussie
Jul-2009Voltammetric Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide at Prussian Blue Modified Glassy Carbon ElectrodeProf. Theodros Solomon; Fekadu, Chekol
Sep-2008Voltammetric Determination of Stability Constants of Lead Complexes with Vitamin CProf. Theodros Solomon; Tibeb, Melesse
Jul-2007Voltammetric study of paracetamole using glassy carbon electrodeProf. Theodros Solomon; Abrha, Berhe