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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010Aquifer Characterization of the Raya Valley Based On Pumping Test and Geophysical Data AnalysisProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Afework, Hailu
May-2016Assessment of Ethiopian lakes level change and identification of endangered lakes for the last four decades using Landsat satellite imageDr. Binyam Tesfaw; Prof. Tenalem Ayenew; Girma, Shimelis
Apr-2011Assessment of Significant Impacts of Dam Construction on Surface HydrologyProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Dr. Kassa Tadele; Tewodros, Addisu
Jul-2011Assessment of the Status of Nitrate Pollution in Selected Water Sources in Addis AbabaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Girma, Hailu
Jun-2012Characterization of Aquifers and Hydrochemistry in the Volcanic Terrain Central EthiopiaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Mekdes, Nigatie
Jul-2010Characterization of Wastewater and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Wastewater Treatement Systems in Luna and Kera Slaughterhouses in Central EthiopiaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Abrha, Mulu
May-2011Effectiveness of Oxidation Ponds in Industrial Wastewater Treatment: The case of Mesaco Global and Ethiopia Tanneries, Modjo Area.Prof. Tenalem Ayenew; Dejene, Biru
Jun-2012Estimation of Actual Evapotranspiration and Its Impacts on Rainfed Agricultural Productivity Using Geospatial Tools in the Main Ethiopian RiftProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Dr. Dagnachew Legesse; Debele, Aberra
Mar-2010Evaluating the Impact of Land Use Land Cover Change on Soil Erosion and Runoff Using Swat Model at Tikur Wuha WatershedProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Yacob, Esayas
May-2017Evaluation of Recharge and Shallow Groundwater Dynamics in the Upper Awash Basin, Central EthiopiaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Abebe, Abel
1-May-2016Ground Water Potential Evaluation and Use Trends in Upper Awash Basin: with Special Emphasis to Koka-Becho areaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Reys, Asfaw
Jun-2010Ground Water Potential Evaluation Based on Integrated GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques, in Bilate River Catchment: South Rift Valley of EthiopiaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Tesfaye, Tessema
Jul-2011Ground Water Quality Problems in Summit-Bole and Yakekotebe Area of Addis AbabaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Shilima, Abebe
Dec-2014Groundwater Dynamics in the Left Bank Catchments of the Middle Blue Nile and the Upper Awash River Basins, Central EthiopiaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Azagegn, Tilahun
Jun-2017Groundwater Flow Modeling of Upper Fafan Sub Basin for Managed Groundwater SystemProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Mulu, Sintayehu
Feb-2011Groundwater Potential Evaluation and Flow Dynamics of Hormat-Golina River Catchment, Kobo Valley, Northern EthiopiaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Afework, Desalegn
Jun-2012Groundwater Resource Evaluation and Sustainable Management in Adelle and Haromaya Dry Lake Catchment, Eastern EthiopiaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Seid, Adem
Jun-2010Hydrodynamics of Selected Ethiopian Rift LakesProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Kassaye, Bewketu
Dec-2013Hydrogeochemistry of Ziway-Shala Area, Main Ethiopian RiftProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Engdasew, Temere
Jun-2010Hydrogeological and Hydrogeochemical Characteriation of Beles River Basin, Northwestern EthiopiaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Girma, Addisu