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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2009Certain Aspects of Ecology of Rodents in Pawe AreaProf. M. Balakrishnan; Tilahun, Chekol
Jun-2005Distribution of Grazing Ungulates in Relation to Water Holes, its Consequence on Soil and Vegetation in the Serengeti Plains, TanzaniaProf. M. Balakrishnan; Prof. Afework Bekele; Boay, Martina
31-Aug-2007Diversity, Distribution and Relative Abundance of the Avian Fauna of Chebera Churchura National Park, EthiopiaDr. Gurja Belay; Prof. M. Balakrishnan; Dr. Solomon Yirga; Dr. Asefa Mebrate; Dereje, W/Yohannes
Jun-2017Impact of Land-Use/Land-Cover Changes on Land Surface Temperature in Adama Zuria Woreda, Ethiopia, Using Geospatial ToolsDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Prof. M. Balakrishnan; Tafesse, Belete
Jun-2012Mapping of Soil Salinity in Sego Irrigation Farm, Southern Ethiopia Using Geospatial ToolsDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Prof. M. Balakrishnan; Zewdu, Shegena
May-2017Modeling Approach for Identification of Potential Rainwater Harvesting Sites in Arsi Zone, Eastern EthiopiaDr. K. V. Suryabhagavan; Prof. M. Balakrishnan; Haile, Getachew
Jul-2004Population Status and Distribution of Artiodactyls in the Awash National Park with Special Reference to Beisa Oryx (Oryx Beisa)Prof. M. Balakrishnan; Enawgaw, Cherie
Jul-2004Population Status and Diurnal Activity Patterns of the Rock Hyrax ( Procavia Capensis) in Dinsho, in and around Bale Mountains National Park, EthiopiaProf. M. Balakrishnan; Teklehaimanot, Gebremeskel; Reda
Jun-2011Population Status and Feeding Ecology of the Ethiopian Wolf (Canis Simensis) in and Around Borena - Sayint National Park, South Wollo, EthiopiaProf. M. Balakrishnan; Yigrem, Kebede
May-2016Population Status, Demography and Time Budget of the African Buffalo (Syncerus Caffer Sparrman, 1779) and Anthropogenic Impacts in Chebera Churchura National Park, EthiopiaProf. M. Balakrishnan; Dr. Gurja Belay; Aberham, Megaze
Mar-2015Population Structure, Behavioural Ecology and Habitat Vulnerability of Gelada (Theropithecus gelada) in Guassa Community Protected Area, EthiopiaProf. M. Balakrishnan; Eshetu, Moges
Jun-2016Remote Sensing and GIS Based Drought Vulnerability AssessmentDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Prof. M. Balakrishnan; Melese, Ashenif
11-May-2010Species Composition, Distribution, Abundance and Habitat Association of Rodents in Forest and Farmlands around Tepi, Southwest EthiopiaProf. M. Balakrishnan; Daniel, Bayessa
Dec-2016The Tree Hyrax (Dendrohyrax Arboreus): Feeding Behaviour, Activity Patterns and Traditional Medicinal Use in Kafa Zone, Southwest EthiopiaProf. M. Balakrishnan; Aero, Asrat