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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2008Analysis of Genetic Diversity among Cultivated Enset (Ensete Ventricosum) Populations from Essera and Kefficho, Southwestern Part of Ethiopia Using ISSR MarkerProf. Endashaw Bekele; Dagmawit, Chombe
1-Jun-2008Analysis of the Genetic Diversity of Populations of Rana Angolensis Bocage 1866 Using the ISSR MarkerProf. Endashaw Bekele; Hailu, Michael
Jun-1999Bacterial Wilt (Ralstona (Pseudomonas) Solanacearum) of Potato in South and Central EthiopiaDr. Dereje Ashager; Prof. Endashaw Bekele; Dr. Fassil Assefa; Abebe, Ketema
Jun-2000Comparative Morphological and Biochemical Studies of Temporal Genetic Differentiation of In-Situ (on-Farm) Land Races and Ex-Situ Accessions of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor (L.) Moench) from North Shoa and South WeloProf. Endashaw Bekele; Assmelash, Medhanie
Jun-1999Construction of Mycobacterial Expression VectorsDr. Brigitte Wieles; Prof. Endashaw Bekele; Kidane, Dawit
Jun-2001Distribution, Reproductive Biology, Demography and Genetic Diversity of Endemic and Indigenous Kniphofia Species in EthiopiaProf. Endashaw Bekele; Prof. Sebsebe Demissew; Prof. Inger Nordal; Teklehaymanot, Tilahun
21-Sep-2007Diversity Study on Seed Quality Traits of Ethiopian Mustard (Brassica Carinata A. Braun) among Seed Samples Selected from Oromiya Regional State, Ethiopia Assessed by Proximate AnalysisProf. Endashaw Bekele; Dr. Tesfaye Messele; Abel, Teshome
22-May-2008Estimation of Sex‚ąíRelated Genetic Diversity of Hagenia Abyssinica (Bruce) J.F. Gmel Using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPOD) MarkersProf. Endashaw Bekele; Kumilign, Asmare
Jun-2001Ethnobotanical Study of Edible Oil Crops as a Companion of Sorghum Bicolor L. Moench and Biochemical Genetic Analysis of in Situ and EX Situ Conserved Guizotia Abyssinica (L.f.) Cass. Germplasm from North Shewa and South WeloProf. Endashaw Bekele; Dr. Zemede Asfaw; Geleta, Mulatu
Jun-2016Genetic Association and Polymorphisms of Haptoglobin and ABO Blood Grouping in Some Leprosy Patients in EthiopiaProf. Endashaw Bekele; Seboka, Nigussie
Jul-2007Genetic Diversity Analysis of the Wild Coffea arabica L. Populations From Harenna Forest, Bale Mountains of Ethiopia, Using Inter Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSR) MarkerProf. Endashaw Bekele; Solomon, Balami
Jul-2007Genetic Diversity Analysis of the Wild Coffea arabica L. Populations From Harenna Forest, Bale Mountains of Ethiopia, Using Inter Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSR) MarkerProf. Endashaw Bekele; Dr. Kassahun Tesfaye; Balami, Solomon
Jul-2008Genetic Diversity and Association of Characters in Released Varieties of Tef [Eragrostis Tef (Zucc.) Trotter]Prof. Endashaw Bekele; Dr. Kebebew Assefa; Jifar, Habte
Jul-2008Genetic Diversity of Tef [Eragrosties Tef (ZUCC.) Trotter] Landraces from Various Regions of EthiopiaProf. Endashaw Bekele; Dr. Amsalu Ayana; Lule, Dagnachew
Jul-2006Genetic Diversity of the Wild Populations of Coffea arabica L. in Yayu Forest of Ethiopia using Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) MarkerProf. Endashaw Bekele; Tamiru, Oljira
Apr-2017Genetic Improvement of Adapted Ethiopian Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) Cultivar for Drought Tolerance through Conventional and Marker-Assisted Backcross Breeding MethodsProf. Endashaw Bekele; Dr. Rajeev Kumar Varshney; Dr. Asnake Fikre; Dr. Himapindu Kudapa; Jarso, Mussa
3-Sep-2006Genetic Variability Based on Isozyme Analysis in Noug (Guizotia Abyssinica) Populations Collected from Gojam and Welo, EthiopiaProf. Endashaw Bekele; Muhammed, Ahmed
Dec-2006Genetic Variability of Five Indigenous Ethiopian Cattle Breeds Using Rapd MarkerProf. Endashaw Bekele; Hassen, Fedlu
27-May-2005Genetic Variation in Moringa Stenopetala Germplasm of Ethiopia by Using Rapd as Genetic MarkerProf. Endashaw Bekele; Dr. Yalemtsehay Mekonnen; Dr. Kai Sonder; Mr. Dechasa Jiru; Dereje, Beyene
1-Dec-2006Genetic Variation in Some Natural Populations of Prunus africana (Hook.F) Kalkman (Rosaceae) from Ethiopia as Revealed by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD)Prof. Endashaw Bekele; Hailu, Atnafu